Beginner Agility Levels 1, 2 & 3

Beginner One Agility Graduates

Congratulations to our Beginner One Agility Graduates!

The Beginner classes introduce dogs and their owners to the exciting sport of agility. Classes are meant to be taken in sequence so that students can gain a decent understanding of the foundation skills before moving on to the Intermediate Class. Focus for the three levels is on building a positive working relationship with your dog.

Agility Level 1:

Basic fundamentals of agility are covered and you and your dog are introduced to the agility obstacles. The class will review warm up exercises, how to use target training, and obedience needed, such as sit/stay, quick recalls, attention, and send aways. This class is ideal for those who just want to have a fun outlet for their dog’s energy or for those who want to continue into competition level agility. Dogs should be 6 months of age or older, have attended a basic obedience class or equivalent, and be dog and people friendly.

Agility Level 2:

We will continue to increase our dog’s proficiency on the contact obstacles using simple sequences to build confidence and team work. Dogs will  start to learn the weave poles and more detailed jump work is introduced. Our objective for this class is to work off leash and learn the basics of handling.

Agility Level 3:

We will start to come together as a team! Short courses will help students learn crosses and how to handle Novice-type courses. Contact behavior is selected and and students will reinforce their dog’s skills on each piece of equipment. Weave pole performance will come together to enable dog/handler teams to move seamlessly through a course.

Come and join the fun!
$145 for a 6 week course.
(A majority of the Summer classes will be held indoors in air conditioning)
Prepayment will reserve your place in class


Please call to register: 850-897-8666 or e-mail us using our online contact form

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