Let’s Focus on Friday!

New WORKSHOP :: Friday, August 26, 2016 from 6pm – 9pm

Walking Courses and Building a Plan!

Yep. It’s hot. But what else can you expect for August in NW Florida? So, what is an agility addict to do on a Friday night? Train, of course!

For this workshop, we will meet IN THE BUILDING for the first 30 minutes where I will present a course map to everyone. We will talk about how to read course maps, how to find common sequences, how to look for different handling options and then how to plan for your 8 minutes walking the course. We will then go to the field and walk/run like you would at a trial.

NEW this time: we will VIDEO your run! After everyone runs the course, we can go back inside where we will review each video, discuss problems and suggest ways to do it better. And then? We will head back to the field and everyone will have an opportunity to run it again.

This Workshop is designed to help you improve your skills at reading and understanding course maps so that you can make the most of the short time you have to walk the course and finalize your handling options.
$45 for 1st dog, $40 for 2nd dog
Working spots are limited to 10 dogs
Auditors: $10; unlimited
Secure your spot by emailing info@petsbehave.net 

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