Performance Puppy

No matter what your goals are for your competition-bound puppy or young dog, this class is for you. We will work on: crate games and crate manners; toy interaction, tugging and retrieving; balance work and conditioning; learning tricks and how to shape behavior using a clicker. We will work on socialization with a trial environment in mind. We will also work on having your puppy focus on you while having to ignore lots of distractions. Goals for this class are to help you teach your puppy to “Eat, Play, Come, Stay: Anytime, Anywhere”

This class is for ANY young dog that will go on to do any performance sport including, agility, obedience and flyball as well as conformation, therapy dog and service dog. In addition to learning new skills that will help any performance dog, we will also work on basic skills that will help to ensure your dog will be a wonderful member of your family.

Class size is limited, so please contact us if you would like to join.

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