Pets Behave has created a safe and fun environment where the focus is not only on the happiness of dogs, but also on enhancing their physical well being.
          • 14 foot x 25 foot x 4 ½ foot deep.
        • Custom made steps for easy and safe entry into the pool.
        • Salt water filtering system for the cleanest and safest place to swim your dog.


Come join us for a fun filled experience!

Orientation Swim ($45 for 45 Mins)- Mandatory for all dogs and handlers- 45 minutes. This reviews pool safety, policies, and we will evaluate your dog’s ability to swim. Life vests are available if needed. This includes your dog’s first swim.
Assisted Swim ($40 for 30 Mins)– A swim coach will be with your dog in the water or be available to give you an extra hand with your dog. This is ideal for conditioning and strengthening, building endurance, or for the geriatric dog that needs a little help. Packages available.
Self Swim ($30 for 30 Mins)- You and your dog have pool time together to play fetch, hang out together, or just cool off. Packages available.

If your dog is over 8 years old, we do require a written not from your veterinarian stating the dog is permitted to swim.

When swimming is not appropriate:

Heart disease

Respiratory disease

Seizure disorders

Endocrine diseases

Open wounds or infections

Fecal incontinence

If your dog has any of these conditions or you suspect your dog may not be in good health, it is strongly recommended you check with your veterinarian examine your dog to make sure swimming is a safe form of exercise. It is important to note that services provided at Pets Behave are not considered medical procedures or treatment.






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